Monday, November 29, 2010

Sometimes We Amaze Ourselves

With our own stupidity. That story is coming up. Like I said I was going to do, I went out to Woolstock Yarn Shop. I chose to patron this particular yarn store because it's the only one in the area that's open on Monday (my one day off). Which honestly, is a little ridiculous, because there are several yarn stores in the area including A Good Yarn, Lovelyarns, Woolworks, and Cloverhill Yarns just to name a few.
Super Colorful and Sparkly Yarn from Woolstock
Anyway, the people at Woolstock were really very nice. I was having issues locating the store, even with my Google directions (there was construction in the way, ok?), and when I called they were very nice in explaining how I should find the store. (Ok, here comes the "Becca can be really stupid" part) Then, when I accidentally locked my keys in the car (with it off, thank goodness) they helped me call the police to see if they would come unlock it and even offered to drive me home to get the spare key. Well, it didn't come to that, I called Mom. She valiantly came to open the car and was not mad at all :-D They also encouraged me to sit and relax, knit and otherwise enjoy the ambiance of the store, which was nice.
More colorful yarns at Woolstock

Crazy Zauberball. Someone buy this for me? Please?

Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn

As for the selection at Woolstock itself, overall I was pretty happy. They definitely have some pricey-er yarns but there was a really large selection of things from wool, to cotton to acrylics. Their notions section could have been a bit larger, but they had some pretty fancy stitch markers and all the essentials you might need. I walked out with two skeins of Bris for my Stitch-N-Kvetch swap partner and one skein of  Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn for myself. I really, really, REALLY wanted to buy myself a Crazy Zauberball, but the Noro was a teeny bit cheaper and I wanted to hold out on the Zauberball until I can make something really fabulous with  it. So I ended up walking out having spent about $40 total. All in all, I would go back to Woolstock, especially if I was looking for a really fancy yarn, or some help on a pattern.

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