Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Wench

Celebrated her first Mother's Day today! She's also continuing to blog for They're RIGHT NOW running a giveaway where if you comment on the post you could be entered to get an $18 gift card. ENTER NOW :-)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Few Housekeeping Items

I'm currently finishing up this crazy, woven, knit ball. I'm making it with scraps of Noro and yarn that I Kool-Aid dyed. I mostly just want to see if I can make this thing, but here's a pic of it in progress. Also guys, I mentioned that The Wench is blogging for, right? You should read it, she's doing a great job. Lastly, I cant believe I didn't post this video already! It's FANTASTIC.
It's also worth watching the 'making-of' for it. It's pretty darn amazing.


What? You think I would go to Sheep and Wool and not get anything?
You're crazy.
So of course I had to get some new snarky buttons. Like I did last year, I bought 4 oz. of undyed merino wool. I think I'm going to up my game and try and dye this with food coloring. I know it's not as up there as acid dyes but I still think it's a step ahead of Kool-Aid. Meaning, Kool-Aid is HELLA fun but if you don't want neon colors all the time you need to change it.
One thing that I really wanted while at MDS&W was a skein of really pretty sock yarn and I found it in Miss Babs' "Yummy" hand painted sock yarn in Roan Mountain Morning. This absolutely took my breath away when I saw it and I really look forward to making pretty socks out of it. Miss Babs was also pretty smart because she was giving out samples. Either 10 yards of yarn or a bit of roving attached to her business card. This was a genius move on her part because it got me and my red-headed friend to really take a look at her stuff and we both bought stuff from her. This little bit of Blue Teal "Windsor" sock yarn will be made into a little sock for my sock-blocker key chain.
I also picked up a few ounces of roving in a few colors. I don't think I'm actually going to spin this, I think I'm going to try and knit it up while it's still all loose and fiber-ey but we'll see how that goes. As far as roving goes it was pretty cheap so I'm feeling ok about experimenting with it.
Two skeins of Be Sweet "Bambino Taffy" which is a cotton/bamboo blend. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, just that I think it's really nice.
On the tractor ride back from the festival to the car we met the girls of the SavvyGirls Podcast, who were really nice and gave us all these leather slipper bottoms! SO nice and SO useful.
Other things worth mentioning? An excerpt from How to Knit a Love Song: a novel by Rachael Herron which I'm hoping to get from the library one day, I'll let you know how it is. I also got some honey-sticks and honey soap from The Bee Folks
(my mom got avocado honey from them! Yay!!)

MDS&W 2010

That, of course, would be the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival of 2010 that I attended on sunday. I had some fabulous people accompany me on this fiber pilgramige including my mom, The Wench and her baby, a fabulous red-headed friend from Pitt, one of my co-workers and her friend. The Teacher put in an appearance but didn't stick around very long because it was HOT and we also ran into my co-worker's roommate and his girlfriend. All in all it was a fantastic day even though it was sweltering. There were SO MANY vendors with so many different and fabulous things for spinning, knitting, and everything in between. Some highlights included seeing a $240, 32oz skein of yarn from Flying Fibers, many gorgeous handmade spindles especially the ones from The Spanish Peacock, free samples from Miss Babs, and honey tasting from The Bee Folks. Guys, The Bee Folks were so nice and had great stuff. We got to taste a whole bunch of different honeys including pepper, cranberry, avocado (my fave) and meadow-foam. The Wench bought a jar of the meadow-foam for her husband because, get this, this honey tastes EXACTLY like a roasted marshmallow! It's CRAZY. Really though, we had a fantastic time just wandering around, petting the animals and the fiber, and drooling over all the beautiful needles, spindles and spinning wheels. Which, by the way readers? I would really love a spinning wheel. Seriously. So if you find yourself with some extra change and you want to contribute to the "Get Becca a Spinning Wheel" fund then I would not object ;-)
PS~We also saw this crazy "widget" that someone was selling. Check out the note that was on it :-D