Thursday, November 4, 2010

Off To Och-Eye Land

I was recently IMing a friend of mine who is doing museum studies in Scotland who was saying that it's gotten really cold there and that she'd really like a pair of fingerless gloves. To which I responded "well, I know someone who can make them" ^_^ I chose to go with Patons Classic Wool in a color that would go just fine with a tan coat. I also went with something with a gorgeous cable so that the gloves would be more than just hand-warmers. There was also a MAJOR proud moment for me knitting these hand-warmers because at one point I twisted the cable the wrong direction. Instead of ripping it back, I switched it around when I got back to that spot on the next row.  It was WAY cheaper than I thought it would be to ship something to Scotland. I also crocheted a matching flower for her to pin to her coat. :-D

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