Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hello Old Friend, It's Been Awhile

Well hello blog-world! It's been a while. How are you all? I'm doing well. A lot has been going on since I last posted. The three weeks started right after my last post so since I wasn't really supposed to knit a whole lot I didn't blog. I did knit however, just nothing substantial, and I didn't do finishing on the items. I also moved from Pittsburgh, now that I've finished school, back into my parents' house in Baltimore. Once I moved back at the beginning of August we had visitors in the form of family friends with 4 kids so I couldn't really unpack. In fact, I slept at The Teacher's apartment for that week. Then I went to NYC to see the boyfriend and a bunch of other friends including The Evil Knit Genius who took the boyfriend and me to a really nice yarn shop in the city. I also saw Alphabet-Girl, my high school roommate and a friend from seminary. All in all, I still hate NYC but I love many people who reside there.
Since I've been back to Baltimore I've mostly been unpacking but I've picked my knitting needles up again. I've been working on stuff for the swap. But soon I think I'll try my hand at baby items. That's right, baby items. The Wench (and her husband) is expecting! I'm so excited, she's the first of my very close friends to have a baby. I think the first thing I'll make is a pair
So here's the lovely knitting pictures to share. I finished the mittens for my WW buddy.

I didnt get to see her before I left Pittsburgh though :-( but they will get shipped to her soon.

I made this shawl over the three weeks, mostly because I needed something to do with my hands.
It's made with a breast cancer fun-fur kit. I'm not sure why I made it a shawl, I realized I wouldn't ever wear it. I gave it to a family that lives down the street from us since they have three little girls who could use it for dress-up.

This is a hat that I am making for a college friend, I shall call him AWESOME (as per his request).
It was an interesting conversation with him that made this hat come about. I asked "AWESOME, if I made a hat for you, would you wear it?" and he responded with "No pink or purple!!" I said, "AWESOME, it wouldn't be pink or purple, I wouldn't even think of making those colors for you" to which he responded with, "I don't have a hat, I guess I would wear it"

Coming up are a few sneak peeks of things I'm working on that I don't want everyone to see. The first is the birthday hat I made for my boyfriend. The second two are parts of my swap stuff.

The end of the swap is coming up really soon, I'm really looking forward to putting my whole package together AND to getting a package! That's all for now folks ;-) hope to update more from now on. Thanks for reading!