Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It Helps To Pay Attention

I needed to change it up a bit, but keep knitting small, portable stuff (cuz I knit at work. Apron pockets are excellent for stashing projects) so I grabbed a skein of Red Heart: Heart & Sole to make a pair of toe-up socks for myself. For the record, I only make socks for myself. They are too individualized and too time consuming to make for other people. Especially when you do dumb-ass things like I do like knit the heel of the sock on the side so that there's NO WAY you can comfortably wear them. GRRR.... BUT, I, like a mature knitter, took a deep breath and very, VERY carefully frogged back the whole damn heel. Then of course, I ran out of yarn on the very end of the second sock, so if you look carefully you can see that the cuff of one sock does not really match with the other. Oh well, they're socks for me and they're warm and comfy and that's all that matters.

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