Monday, April 12, 2010

Some Things Are Not How We Intend It To Be

So with the leftover yarn from my sister's scarf I decided to make a slouchy hat for myself. The yarn drapes really nicely and it would be good to add to my collection of Emunah headcoverings. However, it turned out a bit slouchier than I wanted. So I gave it to The Wench's husband's brother's fiance. She really likes green and seemed pretty excited about it, and considering she's getting married early this summer it was timely enough. Except that since the hat was made bigger than I intended I had bought another skein of the "Green Sheen" Spa. So I made another green slouchy hat for myself, which I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I love the texture of it and the yarn drapes really nicely (even if it's a bit splitty and annoying to work with at times). This still left me with a ton of the green yarn and no desire to make any more green hats so I traded it with The Wench for a skein of pink Cotton-Ease which will likely be another Emunah Hat.

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