Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Forty-Five Minute Friends

One of my (now former) co-workers is one of these people that you meet that have just an entirely magnetic personality. The kind of person where you meet them like once and think "I want to be this person's friend." Since this is the case, his birthday came around (aka showed up on my Facebook feed) and I decided to make him a birthday gift. He's a HUGE, like INCREDIBLY obsessive Harry Potter fan so I thought it would be awesome to make something for him that was Harry Potter related. However, most projects that are out there are House Scarves, Weasly Sweaters, and otherwise large and time consuming items so I was mildly discouraged. That is, until I came across a pattern for a KNITTED GOLDEN SNITCH! So using size 1 needles (aka toothpicks) and Vanna's Choice Glamour in Topaz and some Coats and Clark Royale Metallic Crochet Thread in Gold and some bizarre fuzzy gold yarn I inherited from my Mom I created a Golden Snitch. This was a pretty easy pattern to follow, though I think if I made it again I would knit the ball in the round instead of flat. I LOVE how it turned out though. What's more though, the recipient (my friend from work) absolutely LOVED, LOVED this. I got a HUGE hug for it and it is now sitting on a stand in his apartment. And while it can't quite compete with the Movado watch that his husband gave him for his birthday, it came in at a close second. I didn't think that a little thing that I whipped up in two days would be so well received but it was and I'm pretty darn proud of myself.

*PS* I just realized what a non-sequitur the title of this post is. It's because this friend and I keep trying to find time to hang out which is pretty difficult considering I'm Sabbath observant and he's not Jewish and I work at least one of my jobs on the other 6 days of the week. He said this was very frustrating and I offered that we could be friends between 5:15pm and 6pm (time between my two jobs) or after 9pm to which he responded that we would be 45 minute friends :-D

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