Thursday, March 12, 2009

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Part II of the Spinning adventure: The Wench and I then went from Cloverhill Yarns to Laurel, MD where a really nice woman taught us how to spin. She told us about how different sheep produce different wool and some fibers are longer than others. And how to ply two strands of spun fiber into one yarn. She patiently sat with us while we fumbled our way through it. It was so much fun though :) Now The Wench and I have both been practicing in order to make more yarn and are both really excited to eventually use the yarn.
I made this hat back in June from some wool Lion Brand Bolero. I actually saw some at The Wench's apartment when I was there for her engagement party and she was nice enough to send some back to Baltimore with her now husband for me. Anyway I made Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Unoriginal Hat with it except that I didn't wear it because it felt to small on my head. I brought it home with me on this lovely spring break and blocked it over one of my wig heads (I have two, their names are Penelope and Gloria) and it fits so nicely now! Blocking is amazing, seriously.
I did finish the fuzzy scarf for my mom, she really likes it and hopefully I'll get a picture of her in it before shipping back to Pittsburgh. Additionally I've been working a bit on the Felicity Hat which is shaping up pretty nicely.
And The Teacher gave me a skein of the Jo-Ann's Sensations Cello to make a scarf for her.

She had every intention of making it for herself but job and grad school sort of got in her way.

Finally, It was the Jewish holiday of Purim this week and here for your (or mostly my) entertainment is my mom dressed as my 15-year-old sister (I made the hat) and me in my Cleopatra on Ecstasy wig that I made.

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