Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's Happy-Fun-Blog-Time!

Blog now, dinner and then studying my brains out for midterm tomorrow night! Yip-ee!

Anyway, I've got a bunch to blog about right now, though I'm starting to feel like this is the "Blog of things I'd like to day" *wistful sigh*. So in that category, my mom just bought me some Jo-Ann's Sensations Cello because she wants me to knit her one of those faux-fur scarves. She also picked up some Jo-Ann's Sensations Kashmira which hasn't yet been designated with a project. I'll let you know if I figure something out, maybe a beret/slouchy hat since my Ravelry queue is FULL of them (because one day when I'm married I'm going to be covering my hair and I'd love to knit myself head coverings like that). Also, I've decided that I want to make this awesome scarf for the Cowboy who thinks it is "modern, trendy" and "original" (that is a direct quote, he also said "its interesting. almost like the scarves the Israeli men wear. i like it!!!"). The Cowboy also noted that he likes reds, grays and browns, so I'll have to figure out good colors.

One of my childhood friends, whom I'll be calling The Wench (because if she had been born in a different time and place she would TOTALLY be a Wench) often gets these whims of things she wants to do, which usually pass. This time, however, she is acting on one of these whims, and bringing me along with her. While I'm home for spring break (Hallelujah!) she and I are going to get spinning lessons! That's right, we're going to learn how to turn a wad of wool into yarn to knittable yarn. We are both REALLY REALLY excited about this. Yes, I will take pictures and share them with y'alls.
And finally I finished one of the hand warmers for the friend here (except for weaving in the ends). Hopefully I'll finish the other one before I go home on Friday for spring break. I am using Caron Simply Soft for this and I just want to give my two cents about it. A lot of people who don't like acrylic yarn complain that it is too 'squeaky'. I never really experienced this until now while using bamboo needles. Yes, it's a little irritating, BUT the yarn is cheap and it is SOFT which is really important. I also like how it knit up, it's less fuzzy than the Bernat Satin that I used for the arm warmers for the teacher. (PS, the beginning of the Felicity Hat previously mentioned has been frogged, don't think I'll have enough yarn. I might do it in the leftover purple stuff day.)


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