Thursday, March 26, 2009

Create Like a Goddess, Command Like a Queen, Work Like a Mother

It's a good thing we had to pick a theme for these blogs or else I would be ranting about how much I dislike school because they so heavily favor the online students even though I moved to a new city and went into huge amounts of debt so I could sit in a class and be taught by teachers and how upset I am that I have to ruin my Shabbos in order to come into school to present things that took up way too much of my time for not nearly enough reward or how much I really REALLY hate school.


I'm not going to rant about that because this is a blog about knitting. So for your amusement I want to share with you The Knit Princess. This is a webcomic involving knitting. Yay! Knitting and webcomics is such a good combo. The Knit Princess is pretty cutesy and maybe a little flaky but eh, I like it. She seems fun, even if she's a little crazy :)

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  1. wait a second... you had to go into school today??