Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sir, I Believe You're Wearing A Bowl On Your Head

If you recall back in January I regaled you all with the tale of the Double-Knit Hat that I made for my boyfriend. While I was at my parents' house in Baltimore I felted the hat, which is a fun experince. It's kinda messy and wet but the end result is great (hmm.... sounds a little like....). Felting happens because wool is a scaly fiber and when it's exposed to heat and moisture (like hot water in the washing machine) the scales open up. When you agitate it, the scales get all tangled up and then when the wool is cool and dry the scales close up and lock into felt. Following instructions from Knitty I felted the hat. I then blocked it into a bowl shape. My mom was nice enough to send me some pictures of it since I left it in Baltimore.

You cant even tell it has skulls :-)

Would you like an apple?

And that would be my dad, with the bowl, on his head >_<

And this...

was pretty much all done through the 3 hours of Retrieving Information class tonight. Because I'm a Kinesthetic learner, right? ;-) These are for Alphabet-Girl and it's using the Jo-Ann's Sensations Kashmira. The thumb gusset is total crap but I'm hoping I can doctor it up enough so it's not noticeable. Perhaps if I finish them quickly enough she'll be able to wear them this year for a little bit.

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  1. love the green colors. o0o, and that bowl is ridik-ulus!...but I don't see the skulls :(