Thursday, June 11, 2009

Knitting Is So Much More Than Old Ladies In Rocking Chairs

Knitting is therapy, as evidenced by this article my mom sent me.

Knitting is street art. This video comes from Threadbanger (and was sent to me by my mom's co-worker).

And finally, Knitting is kinky. I came across this picture while surfing around Ravelry. Yes, that is a knitted bondage set.


  1. That is right, and right now I am seriously contemplating knitting a strait jacket for a 10-year old. Just a sanity-saving fantasy.

  2. Hello, I know this was a while ago, but how do I find the pattern for that bondage set? I've searched on ravelry to no avail - I don't know how they have categorised it.

  3. Hi Oompah, If I recall there wasnt a pattern for it, it was something someone had improvised. It was just a regular sleeve, but made twice as large (or so) to fit both arms

  4. Hi Becca, thanks for answering so quickly. The project seems to have disappeared from ravelry. Never mind - it doesn't look too complicated to knit. Maybe I'll have a go sometime.