Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Another Knit Blog

I am a library student at the University of Pittsburgh and for my intro to information technology class we are required to maintain a blog through out the term. I debated back and forth about what I should blog about. I don't read enough news to talk about that, I don't watch enough movies to blog about that and I don't do anything very exciting otherwise (I'm a full time grad student that is socially retarded for Pete's sake). However, I love to knit and crochet. There are many really good knit blogs out there, such as Yarn Harlot, and I don't know if I can contribute to the knitting world in the same caliber by posting patterns and such. But I realized that if I blog about knitting for class, I would have to knit in order to blog about it. Ergo, I HAVE to knit FOR HOMEWORK! Wow, it really is possible to rationalize anything.
I have been crocheting for about four years now. My mom taught me how to crochet to make kippahs/yarmulkes but I really got started crocheting while I spent a year in Israel. Every girl in school with me there was crocheting blankets by making row after row of double crochet, and while this is perfectly valid, I found it to be inefficient. So I sat down at the computer and taught myself how to crochet a granny square from Crochet Cabana.
When I got to college I then learned to knit with the help of my friend Masha (a total evil knit genius). While I don't consider myself an expert knitter I really enjoy it and am always trying to challenge myself to try new things. Mostly because I go "I want to make THIS" even though I don't always know the techniques.


  1. Yay, a knitting blog! I considered doing the same topic, but I fear I'll be too wrapped up in work and school to get any knitting done. I'll look forward to your posts, though. Are you on

  2. Yay!I'm an official evil knit genius!! Looking forward to reading your blog, I've never read one by someone I know. Now I need to go off and figure out how I can rationalize knitting for my homework, maybe I'll make one of those frog dissection models.