Monday, January 26, 2009

The Modern Version of a Tea Cozy

On a total impulse purchase I bought some Lion Brand Wool while at Michael's. I didn't really have plans for it, but I decided to make a cozy for my French Press. I knit the whole thing Continental style (with the yarn in my left hand) instead of my normal English (yarn in right hand) style. Continental style is actually more efficient, though it's a little tougher to maintain tension and control. Then again, practice makes perfect. The buttons are green, just something I had in my stash of stuff, though I'm really glad they go so well, and the loops are elastic. I also blocked (wet, shaped and let dry) this a bit which I found made it fit the French Press much better. And yes, having the wool cozy around the press does keep my coffee hot for longer.


  1. Glad to hear you're trying Continental! Was it very frustrating?

  2. Not VERY frustrating. I like how I can easily switch from Knit to Purl. I just find it hard to keep the flow of yarn going. Like, it gets tight around my finger and I have to stop and readjust.