Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blogging Isn't Procrastinating....It's Just Doing Other Homework First.

I was planning on going into a whole thing about why I don't walk around wearing tons of sweaters (actually I don't own any sweaters) if I like to knit so much but I came across something else that I want to blog about (and the continuation of the coffee cozies).

I came across this amazing hybrid of two of my favorite things. It's a comic called "Handknit Heroes" and it's a comic book about knitting! HOLY CRAP! I think this is the best blend of things since chocolate and peanut butter.

"Imagine you’re a teenager, and you have some… special powers. Maybe even super powers. And one day, at a sleepover, your best friend in the whole world tells you—you’re not alone. So begins the adventure for a couple of teenagers, a single mom and yarn shop owner, and a whole bunch of hand knitted fun.Handknit Heroes is the first graphic novel for knitters. Each issue features a great storyline with knitting superheroes, terrific artwork, and a beautiful (and easy) knitting pattern." ~Description from the web site

I also just finished a coffee mug cozy with the same yarn as the French Press cozy. I didn't check my gauge and I know it was a bit too small but I blocked the cozy to fit my mug. The pattern has you doing the decreases two stitches from each other and I think if I knit this again, (which I probably will) then I would do one decrease on one side and one on the other so that it would be a bit more even. That said, I'm glad I made this because it covers the Starbucks logo on my mug and I can look less like a pretentious coffee-snob.

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