Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If My Head Wasnt Attatched...

I'm sure I'd forget it altogether. I totally forgot to mention two things in yesterday's post that I really wanted to mention. The first is that The Cowboy got the fiber phallus in the mail both he and the actual recipient loved it and he said I was an artist. I love praise :-)

Additionally, I was interviewed for the Insider section of the Baltimore Jewish Times about social networking. They were really interested in the fact that I was on Ravelry and so they took pictures of me knitting! (The photographer was really cute) You can read the article here.

So, the holiday season is coming up and I really need to figure out what I'm making for who, so I figured I'll put it on the blog along with as many links to the patterns or sources of patterns as I can.
The Nurse- Socks
The Sparkly One- Umbilical Cord Baby Hat and Sockabooties for her friend
The Cowboy- Manly I-Cord Scarf
The Younger Sister- Entrelac Scarf
The Youngest Sister- Ear flap Hat
Abba (Dad)- Ear flap Hat
Spud (The Wench's Baby)- ...ummm, I haven't settled on a pattern yet

Wow, I should stop liking my friends. Seriously, I keep wanting to make stuff for them. Stay tuned for updates on all this stuff!

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  1. Spud? heehee. love it. And, I'm reading the article now. Sorry it took so long. Plus, i heard rumor that you're coming up for a visit and I'm super excited. prob. gonna call you in a bit.