Monday, October 12, 2009

Hugging Hats

Well since I last blogged I gathered my Jo-Ann Fabric's coupons and went and bought all sorts of yarns for all my projects.
This is for The Cowboy's Manly I-Cord (which has been started).
I was going to use this for socks for The Nurse but it's worsted and I wasn't too thrilled with the color. I cant decide if it's nice or butt-ugly. I think this might turn into a crocheted afghan (a small one) at some point.
This was for the hat and booties The Sparkly One asked me to make for her cousin's baby.
This is a really light acrylic/bamboo blend that is going to be a scarf for The Younger Sister. Since she's living in Arizona she doesn't need anything too heavy.
This is the yarn that I actually used for The Nurse's socks. If you recall my first pair of socks was made with Jo-Ann's Sensations Kashmira in green. This yarn is the same thing but in pink and purple and I LOVE the way it looks.
So here are the finished products as of late. The baby hat and baby booties and the socks. I'm really pleased with how everything turned out AND how quickly it took to make them all.

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