Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby That Blog-Bl-Blog-Blog-Blog

Yes, I was listening to the "Thong Song" last night. I was hanging out with Alphabet-Girl, The Wench and her husband and their parents since I went with The Wench and her husband to Rochester for Rosh Hashanah. It was a really great time. But anyway, on to the yarn-y goodness type stuff. The Wench got my swap package and although she figured out that it was me who sent it she still loved everything that I stuck in there which included two headbands, a french-press cozy, a bundle of pink roving, bumblebee stitch markers, bride magazines and onion rings.

The Boyfriend also received his birthday hat, which he loves. (Yes, he looks a little like a hobo, but he's cute, right?)
AWESOME also got his hat and said that it's "really nice" and that his girlfriend The Nurse (and my former, most wonderful-est roommate ever) was jealous. So of course, now I want to make something for her. Her birthday is coming up anyway and I know she gets cold often so I think I will make a pair of socks for her. I think I'm going to try and get a sport-weight self-striping wool so that they'll be a little thicker and warmer than your average fingering-weight socks. Which, speaking of socks, I have been working on a pair. I'm trying these toe-up and am not making them very long because I'm hoping to get one pair out of the 230 yards of Serenity Sock weight yarn. But, I must say, they look pretty nice so far.
Also, I brought Alphabet-Girl's hat with me to Rochester to give to her. She likes it AND it doesn't look weird on her. Yay me!
I'm such a procrastinator, I meant to put up this picture of the yarn I dyed over a week ago and I didn't yet, so here it is.
I think it's time to move past Kool-Aid though. Possibly to food coloring so I can do a little more and have less neon colors. Finally, last but not least, I got my High Holiday swap package! The woman who gave to me actually dropped it off at my house! Unfortunately, I was already on the road to Rochester with The Wench and her husband and didn't get to meet my swapper. Either way, she gave me an amazing collection of stuff.
There's a lovely cowl, a giant wad of Sierra alpaca yarn, two bundles of Spunky Electric fiber in great colors, a sock-blocker key chain, a small project bag, a box of tea and a bar of tasty chocolate. I feel so spoiled! I cant wait for the next swap :-)

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