Thursday, April 21, 2011

Really I Need A Better Camera

Because the current pictures I have of my shawl do not nearly represent what the colors are in real life. Today Liz Abinante released the second clue for the Roxanne KAL (a day early! squee!). I of course needed to knit through the repeat at least once, and I'm sharing my progress with you so far. Side-note: doing this KAL has made me realize that everyone has prettier stitch markers than I do, nicer needles, better cameras and better knowledge and tools for blocking. I would just settle for some pretty stitch markers.

Also, I finished a hat that was a request. I had to order the yarn from a company in ENGLAND because of course, it's pretty much discontinued. I hope my customer doesn't want any more hats made with this yarn (Louisa Harding Fauve) because it's gonna be dang hard to get a hold of. Either way, I'm pretty happy with the hat and my ability to pretty much recreate something off the top of my head (this isn't a written pattern, just something I monkeyed around with). 


  1. Hi. I followed you here from Wendy's little green bums blogs. I am a fellow frum knitter (and chrocheter too) and I have to tell you, I love your hats! You are super-talented. Is the one above knitted or crocheted? Do you share patterns if I promise not to sell the patterns or goods? Thanks!

  2. Hi Chaia!
    Thanks so much for the sweet compliments :D The red hat above is crocheted, it's the only pattern that I made up on my own, so I'd be more than happy to share the pattern with you once I write it down. Otherwise, the majority of things I have made were by yarncat (who's website is now defunct I think) or other patterns I've found online. Are you on Ravelry? if you are, you can find me there as Klevitan17. Again, thanks for the compliments! I hope you keep reading!

  3. Thanks! I am checking it out now. I actually followed your link and bought 6 balls of that yarn and it is beautiful. It's perfect for those crocheted cloche-type hat. I'm anxious to break into my new stash additions. You have totally inspired me to move away from knitting for my kids and into knitting hats for me :) I'll be on maternity leave soon with lots of spare time, so I am going to try to conquer as many hats as I can then. Mazal tov on your engagement!