Thursday, April 7, 2011


I am knitting woman! Hear me roar! I have a sweater! Of course, I finished it right in time for it to start getting warm but it'll look great when I wear it next year ;-)

Also, I finished this lovely pair of socks. I started them back in December when the sweater got to be too big to knit while at work (this is the advantage to wearing an apron as part of a work uniform. Big pockets make it easy to stash portable projects.) but they got put on the back burner when I signed up to do the craft fair.

Well, this leaves me down to one active project right now. The pre-tied bandanna that I'm making up. I really have no idea if this is going to turn out how I see it in my head, but hopefully it will. However, here's what there is so far.

Oh yeah, one more thing: Less than a month until MD Sheep and Wool! GET EXCITED. Oh jeez I'm such a yarn nerd. BUT, I'm hoping that this year, (if it's not too expensive) to buy a small spinning wheel. I do like the drop-spindle but I want something that will go a little faster, and be a bit more uniform (I hope).

I'll leave you with this fun tidbit: " There are more than 300 references to sheep and lambs, more than to any other animal, in the Old Testament, on of the earliest written records of sheep." (National Geographic, May 1988 Pg 566)

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