Wednesday, April 6, 2011

From Brain To Fingertips

Pre-Tied Bandannas
In the world of Orthodox Jewish head coverings there is something that exists called a pre-tied bandanna. These are basically cloth bags with a bit of elastic at the nape of the neck to help them stay on. there are also tails at the nape of the neck if you wanted to tie it underneath where your hair is so that it's more secure, or tie it around where the hair is to make it look like a bun. Anyway, this past Saturday, while sitting in synagogue and looking at everyone's head coverings, I thought, "what about a knitted pre-tied bandanna?" And I itched to start it, but since it was the Sabbath, I waited until it was over and then started knitting. I'm using Spa because it's light and drapey. If it works, and I make what I actually intended to make, I'll share the pattern with all of you. We'll see!

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