Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Knit

So I was recently in Virginia with The Boyfriend and his family for his cousin's Bar Mitzvah (which was a grand bash), and one of his aunts was wearing a very cute hat (which of course I didn't get a picture of >_<). Anyway, I decided I wanted to try and copy it, but put my own tweaks on it, and it's in the process right now. I'm using some grey Wool-Ease that I have on hand from a sweater I started back in college but never finished (that's a story for another time). I started by knitting the band that goes around the head, casting on 12 stitches and increasing them in the middle until I had 40 stitches across, then decreased back down so the band is sort of a football shape, and then sewed the two ends together (actually, not sewed. Kitchener stitched together because I provisionally cast on.) 
Then, with a circular needle I picked up 75 stitches around one edge of the band and decreased every 15 stitches every other row, on the wrong side of the fabric (I know this doesnt make a lot of sense, hopefully, when I'm done, I'll write a pattern that makes sense). After that, I picked up stitches on the other edge of the band that I am knitting in order to sew a band of boning into the edge.  
But, since I had to buy some boning today, I also ended up with three skeins of yarn from Jo-Ann's too. Two skeins of Vanna's Choice (hey, I'm going to have to test-knit the hat, right?) and a skein of Red Heart: Heart & Sole in Ivory, which I'm going to try and dye with food coloring (which I feel is a step up from Kool-Aid).

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