Monday, December 6, 2010

Knit Anxiety

So I'm sitting here, waiting for The Wench to come pick me up so that we can go to Michael's, stock up on yarn, and do a sweater Knit-Along (KAL). I really, really want to make this hooded pullover that was in the Fall 2008 issue of VogueKnitting. But I was going through everyone's comments and such on Ravelry about this pattern and it seems like there are SO many issues with it. Like the pattern is written badly, and the hood pulls the neckline, and the gauge is wonky, and the acrylic yarn stretches to look like Swiss-cheese. To top that all off it's supposed to be knit in bulky yarn and they say you shouldn't put bulky yarn on a bulky person because it just makes them look even bulkier. I think I'll attempt it anyway. I want to be a fearless knitter. I've definitely improved since I first tried to make a sweater and if I have to do it along with The Wench, hopefully it will give both of us motivation to finish.

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