Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Chanukah Y'all!

Oh good grief, I'm sorry to anyone who actually follows this blog because I just realized that I havent blogged a single thing in two months. Part of it I blame on big projects taking a long time and part of it I blame on my new job. That's right, I'm currently employed. Not quite in a library like I wanted to, but in a children's museum. I'm really enjoying the work. BUT since you dont read this for my inane life I'll just get straight to all the yarn-ey goodness. Firstly, I finished the I-cord scarf ages ago and it was given to The Cowboy on Friday night which was the first night of Chanukah. He really likes it and apparently got lots of compliments on it. Also, he was nice enough to send me some pictures of him modeling it (not quite shirtless, A&F style like he should :-P, but I still think they're fabulous). Mmm... he just makes that scarf look sooo good, right?

I also started an entrelac scarf for my sister. It's really tedious so it's currently hibernating. I think I might need to get a different set of needles to continue on it. The combination of the bamboo/acrylic yarn and the bamboo needles just makes for really sticky knitting. Here's how it looks so far. I was also working on a crocheted shawl for my mom. However (as you can see from the picture) it has started becoming decidedly angular in it's shape (it's supposed to be a rectangle). While I know I'm not the best knitter/crocheter out there, I know I'm good enough to not want to give my mom a nice shawl with wonky sides. So it's going to get frogged tonight. I think when I restart it I'm going to start on a slightly bigger crochet hook. Lastly, in the spirit of the holiday season, the Stitch-n-Kvetch group on Ravelry did a Chanukah swap. Here's the package I sent to my swappee and the package I received. I really like swaps. I get the warm fuzzy feeling of giving AND the joy of getting stuff. I love stuff.

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  1. I don't think the cowboy makes the scarf look good. I think the scarf makes the cowboy look hot. ;)