Sunday, April 26, 2009

We're Done Professionally

So here I am, first post of life after Introduction to Information Technology. I finished the pink hat that I was working on. In the words of Christian Bale, this pattern and I are "f*&$ing done professionally." I cant get it to work for me. It's too big. I think I need to stick with set patterns, I feel like these somewhat open ended patterns are a little too free form for me. Dang it. Oh well, at least I didn't use fancy expensive yarn on this. Also, I gave it to my roommate. My roommate and I get along *ok* but she's seen me make things for friends all year, I figured I should give her one thing I've made. Anyway, here's some pics of her wearing the hat.

The secret crochet project needs the final finishing touches before it gets sent out to the person it was intended for, when I ship it then I'll post pictures. I know you're all waiting on baited breath to see what it is.

Finally, I'm back in Baltimore for a little bit while I'm on break from school. Mom, The Wench and I are planning to go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival next week. Stay tuned for pictures!

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