Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Idle Hands Are The Devil's Plaything

So, I have basically gone on knitting hiatus for the week. I am back at my parents' home in Baltimore and since I didn't really have a project going, I didn't bring any knitting home with me. I never realized how much I rely on it to keep me from going crazy. I love knitting and watching television. Oh well. Maybe I'll get something at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival that will keep me busy next week when I'm in Binghamton visiting my boyfriend.

Also, I'm really excited because I'm participating in my first swap! Swaps are pretty cool because they're like doing Secret Santa so not only do you give gifts, you also get gifts! Seriously, who doesn't love presents? Anyway the Stitch-n-Kvetch group on Ravelry is doing a swap for the High Holidays. Here are the rules so you get the idea of what it's about.

  • Each person signing up agrees to send their designated secret swap pal the following items:

  • One fabulous handmade item that you knit especially for your pal

  • Some kind of fiber goodie: one or two skeins of yarn or a few ounces of roving. New yarn only - but feel free to raid your stash. If the yarn is UNUSED (ie not a frogged project) and you still have the ball band, wound yarn is OK. 2) Send at least enough for a small project – most socks or hats need 100g/4oz.

  • 2 or 3 small knitting related goodies: (either hand-made or store-bought) such as stitch markers, knitting needles or crochet hook, felting tools, tape measure, coil-less safety pins, buttons or other embellishments notions or project bag, etc.

  • Something to nosh on: coffee, tea, candy, etc. If your giftee specifies they keep kosher, PLEASE respect this, and only send certified kosher products. If you are in doubt, pm me or post a question in the thread, and someone will be able to clarify for you if a product can be sent or not.

  • Something special for your giftee to enjoy over the holidays – hand cream, bubble bath, etc.

  • At least one item in the package must be related to the High Holidays. (can be one of the above, or a separate addition). There are lots of ways this can be applied: apples and/or honey treats, favorite recipe for the holiday, embellishments on the project, etc.

  • The total price range for this swap will be $25 (min)-$40 (max) US dollars not including shipping. Use your imagination, and be aware that items you take for granted as “everyday” may be special and wonderful to someone in another part of the world!

So this gives me about four months once I get my person to make and ship stuff. I'll try and post as much as I can here so you guys can see the progress but it probably wont be too much since I don't want to spoil the surprise, just in case my recipient actually reads my blog (yeah right!).

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