Thursday, April 2, 2009

Whoa! Stuff!

Oh boy guys I have SO much to blog about tonight. I didn't realize how much I did during this week I'm almost tempted to make two blog posts out of it all but since I'm pretty close to the required number of posts for class and I plan to continue this blog past this semester (even though I expect my meager readership to drop off soon) I'm just going tell y'alls everything in one post. Don't worry, I gots lotsa pictures :)

Firstly, on Sunday I started, and finished the fuzzy scarf for the teacher. I used huge size 19 needles and it's 15 stitches wide, it knitted up really quickly. It's also really stretchy.

I also finished spinning all of the wool that I had from the spinning adventure. It's single-ply and really pretty and it's going into stash until I figure out a worthy project for it. I have a crochet project going, but I'm not going to show you the whole thing yet. But here's a sneak preview. Here's what I have posted for the front picture for this project on Ravelry.Finally, since I feel like I cant really take my current crochet project out in public I started a slouchy hat in the Kashmira yarn like I wanted to. I like the pattern I'm using because it's knit top-down so you can use any yarn and needles for it and just sort of adjust it as you make it. I had some issues starting it because of so few stitches on the needles and increasing too much but I don't think it's really affected it much. I'm totally going to make this again in some of the nicer acrylics I have leftover from other projects.

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