Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MDS&W 2010

That, of course, would be the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival of 2010 that I attended on sunday. I had some fabulous people accompany me on this fiber pilgramige including my mom, The Wench and her baby, a fabulous red-headed friend from Pitt, one of my co-workers and her friend. The Teacher put in an appearance but didn't stick around very long because it was HOT and we also ran into my co-worker's roommate and his girlfriend. All in all it was a fantastic day even though it was sweltering. There were SO MANY vendors with so many different and fabulous things for spinning, knitting, and everything in between. Some highlights included seeing a $240, 32oz skein of yarn from Flying Fibers, many gorgeous handmade spindles especially the ones from The Spanish Peacock, free samples from Miss Babs, and honey tasting from The Bee Folks. Guys, The Bee Folks were so nice and had great stuff. We got to taste a whole bunch of different honeys including pepper, cranberry, avocado (my fave) and meadow-foam. The Wench bought a jar of the meadow-foam for her husband because, get this, this honey tastes EXACTLY like a roasted marshmallow! It's CRAZY. Really though, we had a fantastic time just wandering around, petting the animals and the fiber, and drooling over all the beautiful needles, spindles and spinning wheels. Which, by the way readers? I would really love a spinning wheel. Seriously. So if you find yourself with some extra change and you want to contribute to the "Get Becca a Spinning Wheel" fund then I would not object ;-)
PS~We also saw this crazy "widget" that someone was selling. Check out the note that was on it :-D

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  1. i like that....$50 or 6 lamb gyros....gotta love bartering!