Monday, February 9, 2009

Today's Post: Totally Useless Knitted Items

The first is what was meant to be an entire scarf, but I got bored and finished it off when it was pretty short. It's entrelac (which is a technique I couldn't explain to you if I tried) made with alpaca yarn. I suppose I could turn it into a nice neck warmer, but I need buttons or a nice shawl pin for that to work. The rest of the alpaca from this I think I'm going to use to make Jared Flood's Turn-a-Square Hat.

Next up is something that I did mostly as an exercise in keeping my hands busy. It's just a stockinette tube and I have no idea what to do with it.

Maybe it's a goofy stocking cap?

Or a bulky neck warmer?

Oh look! Now I'm Bazooka Joe!

Or perhaps an Eskimo hood?

Anyway, in the spirit of these utterly useless knitted things, I am linking to Craftastrophe, which is a hysterical blog of crafts that no one should have ever, EVER made.


  1. Actually using it as a hood would work :D

    I knitted one on purpose specifically for that and it was good in the cold (am up in new england).

    Also that entrelac piece you have is gorgeous. One time i considered making a sweater like that. then i stopped thinking about it and did something else.


  2. I love the hood-so many things you can do with it but you see I've already decided what i'd like it for. I love doing entrelac & made my daughter a long, fringed wrap in blacks,chocolates,rusts a kind of burgundy & grays. It took forever but she wears it all the time. I'm also a sock freak & when I saw your finished entrelac piece my mind went to--if you folded it over length wise, sewed down both sides & cut down the miggle & grafted ends of each to make 2 tubes perhaps it's enough to pick. up from the one side of each & make them the cuff to a pair of socks