Monday, February 16, 2009

Apparently, Being Productive Slows Down Time

So today, for about the first time in two weeks I was pretty much productive all day. Since I finished a fair amount of homework this week I treated myself to re-watching Juno since we have to watch it for my Resources for Young Adults class. While I watched I worked on the first of a pair of hand warmers for my friend the teacher. They're on size 7 dpn's and I'm using Bernat Satin in the color Bordeaux. The teacher is allergic to animal fibers so I get to use cheap acrylic guilt free! I'm calling them Big Apple Gloves because the teacher is moving to NYC in the fall and that's probably when she'll get to use them. They don't do much good in Baltimore now, there are benefits to being south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

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