Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Feel Like I Apologize To You Guys A Lot

I have been totally off the grid from you guys for almost three months. A lot has happened since then, and I'm hoping, with the inspiration of the BrassyLibrarian that I can really get back into the swing of posting. That is, if anyone is still willing to read :-P

Here's a quick rundown of the BIG stuff that's happened since my last blog post: The Boyfriend is now The Fiancee, I got a job as an actual Librarian AND I'm not working as a pharmacy tech anymore (for those keeping track, was working 3 jobs, now back to 2. YAY!) I started and nearly completed a sweater, and made a hella buncha hats for a craft fair that one of the synagogues was holding here in B-more. I even sold a few of the hats that I had in the craft fair! So here's a whole smattering of pictures in hopes that it will keep your attention long enough for me to post again (hopefully soon).
The Ring!
The Office!
Someone bought this!

And someone bought this!

And this got bought!

This got bought too!

And this one!

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